if only you lived in america :(

nothing disgusts me more than betraying your loyalty to someone. don’t come to me complaining about your girlfriend and how you want to be with me and me having to tell you its not fair to her to then see you posting saying you love her and all this crap 


"Spinning You Around" by Romain Laurent
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Missy Elliot needs to make a comeback

trying to fall in love with my skin and bones
I started falling in love with you
in a way that I refused to fall for anyone,
because I thought I was only asking
to get my heart broken again.
But I chose to set my pride aside,
and put myself through
the same thing I lived through once
that I wasn’t sure I would be able
to survive once more.
Please prove to me
that this isn’t a mistake.

Connotativewords | jl | Insanity (via connotativewords)

holy fuck wow who ever wrote this this is so spot on for me rn

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